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99-00 civic harness

99-00 civic harness

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This kit includes:
Wire Tuck Engine Harness
Sub (Underdash) Harness

Injector Connector: OBD2
Alternator Connector: OBD2
Distributor: OBD2 10-PIN


FAN - Radiator Fan Switch
VSS - Vehicle Speed Sensor (Trans)
GND - Chassis Ground
DIS -Distributor
REV - Reverse Lights
ECT -Engine Coolant Temp Sensor
VTS - VTEC Solenoid
H2O -Temp sender for Cluster (Coolant)
ST -Starter Trigger
1 - 4 -Injectors
O2 - Oxygen Sensor
ALT - Alternator
KS - Knock Sensor
OIL - Low Oil Pressure Warning
IAT - Intake Temp. Sensor
EXTRA - AUX WIRES (Can be pinned for Boost by Gear, etc.)
TPS -Throttle Position Sensor
IAC -Idle Air Control Valve
MAP - Manifold Pressure Sensor

OBD1 ECU Connector 

Require ground and charge harness 

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